Monday, June 30, 2008

Loss Time Life: Detective ( ロス:タイム:ライフ -2008)

Episode 2
Loss Time Life
Koyama Keiichiro as Tsunami Kota
Hiraizumi Sei as Gomi Shinzo
Waki Tomohiro
Yamaguchi Miyako
Tanaka Tetsushi
Yazawa Kouji
Hayashida Mari (林田麻里)
Sakai Mari (酒井麻吏)
Mizumori Kota (水森コウ太)

The title is taken from the Japanese term for stoppage time in soccer. In each episode, the lead character will be in a situation where he or she is about to die. Time suddenly stops and a mysterious group of referees appears, who grants the protagonist extra time based on the time wasted during that person's life. The story will explore the ways that each of the characters decides to spend that extra time. -- Tokyograph

Can I possibly cry anymore? This one has me hiccupping, catching my breath. The tears flow like rain.

A rookie detective is put together with a veteran detective who is days from retirement.

Tsunami Kota has just been assigned to Detective Gomi who takes cases slowly. While Tsunami is ready to take cases head on at full speed...expected out of newbies. While assigned with Det. Gomi, Tsunami learns that Gomi's daughter was killed at a bank and that Det. Gomi on his personal time has been trying to capture the killer.

While sitting at a coffee shop, they witness a purse snatching and the guy is the suspected killer in the bank robbery/murder. They are on the chase. Tsunami corners the suspect, the suspect pulls out a gun and shoots headed for Tsunami and one headed for Gomi. At the same time, Tsunami shoots once.

Given a little over 3 hours of loss time, Tsunami learns about Gomi's family after visiting his home. Before leaving, Gomi's wife hands Tsunami a large envelope.

While thinking there is no hope to capture the suspect, he gets a phone call from his mother. His mother living in Hiroshima calls him on a constant basis. Her husband/his father has already passed away and Tsunami living far away leaves her lonely living in the country. At this time, Tsunami realizes that this is there last phone call and makes use of it because the last few times he has been short with her.

Given another chance, he realizes that in the envelope is a fake passport. After putting 2 and 2 together, Tsunami rushes off to arrest the suspect. Seeing a fellow officer/friend, he takes the bike he was riding and a bullet-proof vest and takes off back to the scene of Loss Time started.

Realizing that 2 shots were fired and not one, Tsunami gives Det. Gomi the vest and gets back into position when the shots were fired.

Suspect arrested.

Koyama Keiichiro
Koyama Keiichirokoyama keiichiroKoyama Russ-K

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