Thursday, June 12, 2008


Yamashita Tomohisa as Kurosaki (Kurosagi)
Horikita Maki as Yoshikawa Tsurara
Ichikawa Yui as Mishima Yukari
Kato Koji as Shiraishi Yoichi
Yamazaki Tsutomu as Katsuragi Toshio
Kishibe Shiro as Mikimoto
Tayama Ryosei as Momoyama Tetsuji
Reina as Osawa Yuuko
Okunuki Kaoru as Hayasa
Sugimoto Tetta as Kurosaki's Father
Aikawa Sho as Kashima Masaru

Kurosaki is a young man whose family was destroyed by swindlers. Despite that, Kurosaki grows up to become a con artist known as Kurosagi. As Kurosagi, he swindles other con artists and returns the money to the original victim. He works with the master swindler Katsuragi Toshio even though Toshio had a hand in the destruction of Kurosaki’s family. Kurosaki's life begins to change when he meets Yoshikawa Tsurara, a young law student who disapproves of his disrespect of the law. Can she persuade Kurosaki to give up swindling and his quest for revenge?

After finally watching the drama, (yes, I had to watch it because I had to redeem the movie), I was pleasantly surprised. It was worth the time and effort and realistically made the movie seem a little better. I guess not having seen either and watching the movie first was not wise. That explains the reason the movie was so confusing. But, they shouldn't have shoved so much info into the movie for those of us that had never seen Kurosagi.......*duh*

I was hoping for more of a relationship from Yoshikawa and Kurosaki. But, the show wasn't really about them, but more of an emotional rollercoaster for Kurosaki. We get to see him come out of his shell gradually.

I think there should at least be another season of Kurosagi....maybe after Yoshikawa becomes the prosecutor she was dreaming to be. A face-off between the two would be a really exciting show and/or movie. Seeing them come together for the good would be an interesting prospect. But, eh, I'm just a stay-at-home mom....what do I know? LOL!

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