Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Miss Gold Digger (Yonguijudo Miss Shin, 용의주도 미스 신-2007)

Miss Gold Digger
Ye-seul Han - Mi-su Shin
Jong-hyeok Lee - Dong-min (neighbor)
Oh-jung Kwon - Jun-seo Lee (rich guy)
In-kwon Kim - Yun-cheol Kim (law student)
Hyo-yeong Son - Hyeon-jun (rapper)
Supporting Cast
Yeo-jin Hong - Dong-min's mother
Gyu-su Jeong - Mr Choi
Ho-jin Jeon - Mi-su's father
Rae-yeon Kang - Dae-ri Yang
Ye-jin Lim - Mi-su's mother
Seo-won Oh - Hye-jeong
Ju-sang Yun - Dong-min's father

Actress Ye-seul Han offers advice on how to 'shop' for men in her screen debut. In her polygamous romantic relationships, she adopts different personas for each boyfriend, from being a prim and proper lady for her JFK-like boyfriend to a sexy party girl for a young rapper. But when her shopping spree starts to get tangled, the men show their true side when they discover that they have been manipulated.

I couldn't be more happier than I am now. More Lee Jung Hyuk! *shivers*

This movie was alright but not the best. It was quite funny with her going between the different guys and all. I think I was a little relieved she didn't end up with Dong-min. She was too capricious and snobby. She didn't realize she had THE "man" right under her nose.

I'm not for any kind of infidelity of any kind....marriage or dating. Once you choose someone, stick with them till the end and THEN move on. She had too many men on her boat and not one knew which way to row.

And the end really pissed me off.....well, you'll know what I'm talking about when you see it. Too some it would be funny but to me it was insensitive. *tsk, tsk* Call me a prude, I guess.

Now on to the cuties who make my days a joy to watch everyday.......

Son Ho Yeong
Son Ho Young
Holy crap! *faints*
Son Ho Young
*nose bleed*
n241Son Ho Young
OMG! *fans self vigorously*

Lee Jung Hyuk *sigh*
I need more pics of him!!!! Ho hum! *waaaaaaaaaaaaah*

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