Monday, June 2, 2008

Boys Love (ボーイズ ラブ, Boizu Rabu-2006)

Boys Love
Saito Takumi~Mamiya Taishin
Kotani Yoshikazu~Kisaragi Noeru
Matsumoto Hiroyo~Furumura Chidori

Boys Love is a Japanese film that released on DVD on November 24, 2006. The movie tells the story of Akira Mamiya (Yoshikazu Kotani), a magazine reporter who meets and interviews a popular young model, Noeru Kisaragi (Takumi Saito), and becomes attracted by him.

Mamiya invites him out for dinner, it somehow progresses to a sexually charged scene in the bathroom. Noeru advances on Mamiya, and leads him to a cubicle for action.

The incident leaves Noeru wanting more of Mamiya. Mamiya can’t stop thinking about Noeru too. In order to meet Mamiya again, Noeru calls the magazine house to complain about Mamiya, and demands Mamiya comes down to apologize personally.

The next morning, Noeru’s representative calls the magazine house to complain about Mamiya’s rudeness. Mamiya goes down to Noeru’s house to apologize, and meets Chidori, a close companion of Mamiya. After a heart-felt dialogue at Noeru’s house, Mamiya and Noeru become closer to each other, spending most of their time together.

Chidori becomes jealous of their growing relationship and reveals his obsessive compulsion with Neoru. At the same time Neoru soon begins to break his initial promise to Mamiya. All this ends in a heart wrenching ending that sees both of them sitting on the train leaving Tokyo…

Okay, I watch Itsuka no Kimi E and became so intrigued with Saito Takumi, I just had to watch Boys Love. Okay, and yeah, it's another yaoi movie. More graphic to the point that it sort of had me turning my head. I hope they are paying him an arm and leg for those "special" parts of the movie. "Whoa!" is all I can say.

I didn't cry. I don't know why. This I think should have had me balling like a baby. Maybe, yet again, I'm still washed up from Koizora. Yes, Koizora was that good!

I guess it was hard for me to actually see a relationship between Mamiya and Noeru. The very first few minutes Mamiya was practically raped by Noeru. I understand there were reasons that Noeru was the way he was. He was an emotional mess from the start. Mamiya being a kind heart fell for him. There were some sweet moments that really tugged your heart. I don't think though there was enough to get me severely emotionally attached to this movie. Or maybe the graphic scenes was a bit too much to get me heart-spelled. I'm not saying it was a terribly bad movie but there just wasn't enough to make me yearn. Oh, but I will say that if you are really a tender's a weeper.

Kotani Yoshikazu
kotani yoshikazu as kawamura takashi

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