Saturday, June 21, 2008

Taboo (Gohatto-1999)

Takeshi Kitano - Captain Toshizo Hijikata (as 'Beat' Takeshi)
Ryuhei Matsuda - Samurai Sozaburo Kano
Shinji Takeda - Lieutenant Soji Okita
Tadanobu Asano - Samurai Hyozo Tashiro
Koji Matoba - Samurai Heibei Sugano
Masa Tommies - Inspector Jo Yamazaki
Masato Ibu - Officer Koshitaro Ito
Uno Kanda - The Geisha Nishikigi-Dayû
Kazuko Yoshiyuki - The Servant Omatsu
Tomorowo Taguchi - Samurai Tojiro Yuzawa
Yoichi Sai - Commander Isami Kondo
Jiro Sakagami - Lieutenant Genzaburo Inoue
Zakoba Katsura - Wachigaiya
Kei Sato - The Narrator (voice)

The movie takes place in Kyoto around 1865, in the last days of traditional samurai. Threatened by new kinds of fighting, new channels of power and the opening of the country to the West, the men of the Shinsen-gumi troop adhere all the more rigidly to the samurai code, even enforcing death as a punishment for severe violations. It is strange that a candidate as effeminate as Sozaburo would be one of two finalists chosen after sword-fighting auditions, but then again there is a look in the eye of Capt. Hijikata (Beat Takeshi) that hints of hidden agendas.

OMG! I'm totally freaked out! I just had to see one of the most beautiful Japanese men get it on with an ugly guy. WTH?? Yaoi in the earlier times was considered beautiful and wasn't forbidden. That being said, Kano is an effiminate male. He is young with womanly features and some of the shogunate militia he is assigned to have a "thing" for him. He is constantly being approached for some hot lovin'. OMG! This was a freaky ass movie but it was done soooooooo seriously. It was not funny. We all know the movies that Ryu-san likes to act in. He rarely smiles. Well this one was no exception.

I have to say it was so intriguing...with the exception of watching Rhu-san having sex. OMG! That was just freaking disgusting but yet I couldn't turn away. It was like a massive car wreck and you can't help but rubberneck as you pass by. Okay, okay, I won't lie. It was a little bit erotic. Okay, there. I confessed. I'm so glad I watched this..............

This was a hypnotic, fascinating movie. A total have to see it to believe it movie. Wonderful!!

Matsuda Ryuhei
PhotobucketPhotobucketMatsuda RyuheiMatsuda Ryuhei

Takeda Shinji
Takeda Shinji

Asano Tadanobu
Tadanobu Asanotadanobu asano

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