Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Boss, My Hero (투사부일체, Too-sa-boo-il-che-2001)

my boss my hero

Jun-ho Jeong - Gye Do-shik
Woong-in Jeong - Kim Sang-do
Un-taek Jeong - Dae Ka-ri
Seung-eun Oh - Lee, Yun-ju
Jun Gyu Park - Jo, Dong-pal
Ju-bong Gi
Kyeong-ho Jeong
Sang-jung Kim
Chang Jung Lim
Tae-Hak Li
Seon-mi Song - English Teacher
Tam-hee Park
Dal-hwan Jo

When a young gang leader seems to be just a bit too stupid to effectively carry out his daily tasks--embarrassing his gang members and himself frequently--his superiors order him to go back to school for his high school diploma. Once situated in the school, posing as a 19-year-old, he soon learns that the school is even more corrupt and vicious a place to spend his days than in his gang. After he can't stand it any longer, he decides to stop playing "the innocent student" and unleashes his wrath on the place.

I really liked this movie...surprisingly. I am now officially going to watch the second one in a few hours. It was funny...hehe! I will say that it was a little hard for me to imagine Du-sik as 20 years old. His birthday is a year before in 2001 when this movie was produced he was 31! There is only so much make-up and cosmetics can hide.......

But if you looked past that, and just enjoyed the show, it could have been believable. LOL! A fun movie kids and adults would like.

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