Monday, June 9, 2008

Daddy Long Legs (Kidari ajeossi,키다리 아저씨-2005)

Daddy Long Legs

Bo-ra Geum
Ji-won Ha - Young-mi Cha
Bin Hyeon - Hyung-joon
Jun-ha Jeong - PD Lee
Eun-hye Park - Young-woo
Yeong-hwa Seo
Yi Shin - Jong-jong Kang
Jeong-hun Yeon - Joon-ho Kim
Dae-gyu Oh
Seung-hyeon Baek
Jeong-nan Kim

Young-Mi was brought up in a loving environment. Her parents taught her to meet the world with a smile on her face, and not be deterred by bumps in the road on her way through life. They also taught her that somewhere out in the world she would meet her one true love. But alas this felicity was not meant to last. Young-Mi's parents die, and leaver her alone at a young age, and suddenly she's forced to grow up very quickly.

However Young-Mi is well prepared. She ventures into the world with an appetite for life, and many dreams and hopes for the future. She goes to school and studies hard, and one day a package arrives for her. A beautiful pair of shoes. There's no sender on the package, and when she attempts to track the origin of this gift the trail ends at a P.O. box. Later when she enrolls in collage and attempts to pay her tuition she finds that it's just been paid. Someone out there is watching out for her. But who? And why?

After a while she gives up, trying to track down this mysterious benefactor, and instead she figures that the best way to thank him would be to work hard and better herself.

When she's completed her education, Young-Mi lands a job at a radio station, as a staff writer on a popular show. As luck would have it, there's an apartment available close to the station. It belongs to a co-worker currently on sick leave. Young-Mi moves in to this new place, and she also gets a roommate, one of her colleagues. When her laptop computer breaks down she turns on the desktop belonging to the owner of the apartment. Then she notices that an e-mail has just arrived, and she reads it. The mail was sent by the woman who used to live here, addressed to herself. In the mail she explains that a serious virus is slowly destroying her mind, and she fears she'll soon lose all memory of who she is and what she's done. She reveals that she's spent most of her adult life longing for a guy, who doesn't even know she exists.

Through the e-mails Young-Mi begins to follow the story of this girl and this boy. Meanwhile she also begins to notice a guy who works in the station's library. And still, every now and then, a package arrives from her secret benefactor...

OMG! What is it with tragic romances? Why can't I find a romance that doesn't make me cry with grief? I'd rather cry from sheer happiness..........

This was another great tear-jerker. I couldn't help but fall in love with the shy, quiet Yeon Jeong Hun. I don't think there in NOT a female on this earth who wouldn't. Oh yeah, we all like those bad boys but ya know the sweet kind are good too.

The tragedy in all of this is that Ji-hoon should have confessed sooner to Young-mi. The story was easy to figure out but one thing stumped me and that was the director of the station that Young-mi worked at. And when I found out, it was like....."ohhhhhhhh!"

This movie was a sort of typical classic romance that ends with you swiping your knows and gulping back sobs. In the was all for love. *sigh*

I already posted pics of Yeon Jeong Hun from Love in Magic. I can't wait to see more from him in the future. Such a sweet lookin' guy!! Oh, and he just got back from his mandatory 2-year service requirement with the South Korean army. Hoo-ahh!

Hyun Bin
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