Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gen-X Cops (Dak ging san yan lui,Te jing xin ren lei-1999)

Gen X Cops
Nicholas Tse - Jack
Stephen Fung - Match
Sam Lee - Alien
Grace Yip - Y2K
Eric Tsang - Inspector Chan
Daniel Wu - Daniel
Tôru Nakamura - Akatora
Terence Yin - Tooth
Francis Ng - Lok
Jaymee Ong - Haze
Moses Chan - Superindentent To
Bey Logan - SDU Commander
Jackie Chan (cameo) - Poor Fisherman

"Revenge? Is this a kung fu movie?"

When a shipment of lethal explosives goes missing, a veteran Hong Kong policeman forms a team of off-beat young cops to track it down. These generation X law enforcers find themselves up against a similarly youthful gang boss, and the shadowy Japanese mastermind behind him.

This was a great movie! This didn't have as much as the kung-fu type action as the previous movies I have recently reviewed. The storyling kept me entertained with Sam Lee and Stephen Fung's comedic action. Sam Lee....LOL! He was a riot.

This was a great guy movie even for the young male generation. This is something I know my boys would love. Of course, Jackie Chan had to add a little comedic spice in the end. Hee-hee!

Nicholas Tse
Nicholas TseNicholas TseNicholas Tse

Stephen Fung
Stephen FungFung 4 - 2002Stephen Fung

Daniel Wu
daniel wu

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