Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Nightmare Detective (Akumu Tantei,悪夢探偵-2007)

Nightmare Detective
Ryuhei Matsuda ... Nightmare Detective
Hitomi ... Keiko Kirishima
Masanobu Ando ... Wakamiya
Ren Osugi
Yoshio Harada
Shinya Tsukamoto ... '0'
Nightmare Detective
Kyoichi Kagenum (Ryuhei Matsuda) is a dream analyzer with the very unwanted “gift” of being able to hear the thoughts of those around him, as well as the ability to enter peoples’ subconscious while they dream. Kyoichi’s rare talents make him highly sought-after in his field, but they also render his life unbearable. He can heal broken minds, but he would just as soon kill himself as ever help another person again. A string of suicides occur, connected by a distinctly unnatural thread –- the deceased slashed themselves with razors while they slept. Enter Keiko Kirishima (super J-pop star Hitomi in her first role), a homicide detective fascinated by the case. She hunts Kyoichi down and essentially forces the death-tripping clairvoyant to help her investigate.
Nightmare Detective

Nightmare Detective
This movie rocked! I loved it! Total must see. Ryu-san was made for this part. His sad, soulful eyes are haunting. I really think he understood his part. Hell, I wanted to be Kirishima when she lied next to Kagenumi (Ryu-san). It's those eyes, I tell ya.

The idea of a man who is able to read thoughts and get into peoples dreams is an awesome idea. But how would you feel to be able to see people's dreams and thoughts at a whim? I had to think that for the character Kagenumi, it was a terrible experience but you have to think that Kirishima was right that there are good things to to see. Aye!

I can't wait for the second movie to come out! I read there are 3 parts so I'm guessing there will also be a third movie too??? I hope so, even without seeing the second one yet, because Matsuda Ryuhei was made for this part so I know that the next movies will not be a dissappointment!

Nightmare Detective
Masanobu Ando
Ando MasanobuAndo Masanobu

Matsuda Ryuhei

ryuhei matsudaryuhei matsuda

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