Thursday, June 26, 2008

Old Miss Diary (올드 미스 다이어리 / 올드 미스 다이어리 - 극장판, Oldeumiseu Daieori geukjang-pan-2006)

Old Miss Diary
Ji-won Ye - Choi Mi-ja
Hyun-wu Ji
Supporting Cast
Dong-jik Jang
Hye-ok Kim
Ji-yeong Kim
Yeong-ok Kim
Hyeon-shik Lim
Yun-ah Oh
Seung-hyeon Seo
Hyeon Woo
Yeong-wook Kim
Yeon-woo Jo

Mi-Ja is a 32 years old spinster. She lives with her grandmother and her grandmother’s two sisters. There’s also a widowed uncle that lives in their home as well his never before married son.

Mija’s chance for success finally arrives when she is hired as a voice-over artist for a Japanese horror movie that is being re-released in Korea. While working as a dubbing artist, she quickly falls in love with Ji-Hyun, the notoriously mean producer that is overseeing their project.
While Ji-Hyun doesn’t give the slightest hint that he is even remotely interested in her, Mija still feels that there is a special type of chemistry that exists between them. Because of this, Mija decides to follow her instincts to find true love, even if it means making a total embarrassment out of herself. Making things more difficult for Mija is the fact that her former boyfriend and his new girlfriend also work at the same studio. -- Lunapark6

"Life's a pair of panties." That line had me laughing so hard because it is so true. Pretty, colorful panties make the girl. LOL!

Ji Hyun Woo
Ji Hyun WooJi Hyun Wooji hyun woo

Jo Yeon Woo
Jo Yeon WooJo Yeon Woo

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