Thursday, June 26, 2008

Il Mare (Siworae, 시월애-2000)

Il Mare
Jung-Jae Lee ... Han Sung-hyun
Gianna Jun ... Kim Eun-ju (as Ji-hyun Jun)
Mu-saeng Kim
Seung-Yeon Jo
Yun-jae Min
Yun-Yeong Choe

Sung-hyun, who just moved into ' Il mare ' receives a strange letter. The letter is from a young woman in the year 1999, two years from the present. Her predictions about the past are amazingly accurate. Her warning about a flurry of snow on a certain day in January of 1998 and the ensuing flu virus turns out to be true.

Eun-joo is convinced that her letter has traveled back in time to December of 1997 and starts writing regularly to her newfound pen pal. A professional voice actor, Eun-joo asks Sung-hyun to find her long lost cassette recorder at a train station. Sung-hyun goes to the train station and gets a glimpse of Eun-joo, who of course, has no idea who he is.

After he receives his father's last book from the future Sung-hyun belatedly realizes his father's love for him. He confesses his selfishness at his father's grave. Eun-joo's old flame returns from the United States. But he's found himself a new love and is planning to marry her. Heartbroken, her only hope is that Sung-hyun will stop her from letting Ji-hoon go in the first place. Faced with the prospect of losing Eun-joo whom he's grown to love, Sung-hyun decides to make the ultimate sacrifice by stopping her from sending her boyfriend away.

Eun-joo visits Sung-hyun's school and is shocked to find out he died two years ago in a car crash. She realizes too late that she is in love with him too. He died on his way to stop Eun-joo from letting her boyfriend leave to the U.S. Eun-joo races against time to Il mare to warn Sung-hyun.
il mare

I've never once seen the American remake the Lake House. I'm glad I haven't only because from what I was told, this movie...the original...was far more better!

I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this only because it's Korean and are known for making me cry buckets because they never end happily. These tears I shed were for both of them. True Love....OMG! This was a beautiful tale. If only if these things could really happen....a "wrinkle" in time........

The movie was slow but well worth it. Love can't be rushed. *tears running down my cheeks as they slowly drop onto my shorts and run down my neck*

Tales like these can't be redone. Once in a lifetime can something so beautiful be told............

Lee Jung Jae
Lee Jeong JaeLee Jeong JaeLee Jeong Jae

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