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Maundy Thursday (우리들의 행복한 시간, Urideul-ui haengbok-han shigan-2006)

AKA: Our Happy Time
Maundy Thursday

Na-yeong Lee - Moon Yu-jung
Dong-won Kang - Jung Yun-su
Yeo-Jong Yun - Yu-jung's aunt
Hyeong-seong Jang
Yeong-suk Jeong
In-gi Jeong
Jin Jeong
Shin-il Kang
Bu-seon Kim
Jin-hyeok Kim
Ji-yeong Kim (07/24/1937)
Jae-gu Lee
Kwang-rok Oh
Jeong-se Oh

A woman learns a lesson about hope and faith from a man who has little of either to spare in this inspirational drama from South Korea. Yu-jeong (Lee Na-yeong) teaches at a college, but she finds little satisfaction in her career. After falling into a deep depression and losing her belief in God, Yu-jeong attempts suicide. While Yu-jeong survives, her actions drive a wedge between her and her family, who are committed Christians and believe suicide is a mortal sin. Yu-jeong turns to her aunt, Sister Monica (Yun Yeo-jeong), for guidance; Sister Monica is a nun who does volunteer work at a prison. There Yu-jeong meets Yun-su (Gang Dong-weon), a convict sentenced to death who like her has come to question the existence of God. As the two get to know one another, they become friends, and as they learn to bring hope back into their lives, they find themselves reexamining their denial of faith.

The tears, they fall like rain. This movie is so emotionally charged near the end. Whew! I'm sick of crying! Why are these Asian movies so much more better in that department? They kick my butt everytime!

This movie is no exception. This movie will make you cry deep down to the very depths of the bottom of your heart. This wasn't just about love but about forgiveness and redemption. This movie is about the death penalty. I, myself, living in the good old state of Texas (the death row capital in the US and possibly world) have wondered if it was worth it. I guess the answer would be yes. But that would depend on the justification of the crime and if the inmate was truly sorry for what they did or didn't do.

So, this movie more or less wasn't just about a love story but a really good topic for discussion.

I, myself, wondered if there should have been a happy ending?

Kang Dong Won
PhotobucketMen\'s Nono (May 2006)Kang Dong Won

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