Saturday, June 7, 2008

Running Wild (야수, Ya-su-2005)

AKA: Wild Beast
Running Wild

Sang-woo Kwone ... Jang Do-young
Ji-tae Yu ... Oh Jin-woo
Kil-Kang Ahn ... Yang Ki-taek
Seok-hyeon Jo ... Instructor
Jung-Hee Moon
Byung-ho Son ... Yu Kang-jin
Ji-won Uhm ... Kang Joo-hee
Yun-seok Kim
Han-wi Lee
Ju-sil Lee
Sung-ha Cho

"Jang Do-young is a tough, short-tempered, somewhat jaded homicide detective. Most members of his department regard him as a troublemaker and he has lost faith in the system. Jang has been struggling to nail Yoo Kang-jin, a notorious crime boss, with little success so far. Jang crosses paths with Oh Jin-woo, an elite prosecutor who graduated at the top of his class and who lives his life by the letter of the law. To Oh there would be no civilization without rules. Oh is also on a mission to bring Yoo to justice. He had managed to get Yoo put in jail some time ago, but the gangster got out early and is now preparing to run for political office. Oh thinks he ought to re-investigate Yoo; he's convinced there is enough evidence to put him away for good. So he and Jang form an uneasy alliance. When Yoo learns of this new threat, he decides to show them what they're up against. He gets his henchmen to attack Jang's family and he arranges to have Jang and Oh arrested for police harassment. The fight has now become personal. For Jang and Oh, it is no longer a matter of simple justice; whether they're prepared to admit it or not, the war with Yoo has become a matter of survival and revenge."

This was GRADE A, kick-ass! Kwon Sang Woo rocked my world! Damn, he's good. The best. This movie was just freakin' awesome. SUGOI!

From the beginning to the end, you couldn't wait for Do-young to kick bad-guy butt! With many poignant moments in between, the love he had shown his mother, girlfriend, and brother was gut wrenching and heart clenching.

The karma between Do-young and Jin-woo was amazing. Their characters were total by the book and the other did what he had to do to get the answers he needed. They complimented each other rather well. Kind of like good cop, bad cop. One was almost angelic in his way of thinking where as the other was rather hell bent and was almost on his way there. But in the end, sometimes in everyday life the good guys don't always win....or do they?

Yu Ji Tae
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