Friday, June 13, 2008

Marrying School Girl (Yeogosaeng sijipgagi, 여고생 시집가기-2004)

Marrying School Girl
Ji-won Eun - On-dal Park
Jin-ah Kim - Yoo-sun Jang
Chang Kim
Kan-hie Lee
Eun-kyeong Lim - Pyung Gang
Seong-Eon Lim - Hye-sook Yu
No-shik Park - Chil-soo Roh

The story begins with the tale of a classic Korean story of romance about a princess named Pyun-gang whose husband, On-dal dies. Then we flash forward to a mother who has brought her haunted daughter (also named Pyun-gang) to a psychic, who informs her that her daughter is haunted by the ghost of the princess . He then goes on to say that the girl must marry her On-dal by her 16 birthday and produce a child within a year otherwise she will die. The family treats it skeptically until years later, Pyun-gang has several near-death experiences and is immediately spooked, convinced she is going to die. As luck would have it, soon thereafter, a new transfer student joins Pyun-gang's class. His name is On-dal, and he's intelligent, handsome and rich which really doesn't make the prospect of high school marriage such a tough deal for Pyun-gang, what with her impending death and all.

Very cute movie. Isn't wasn't spectacular but something a teeny bopper/pubescent girl would really like. I'm still reeling over Marathon. Wow!

This was a typical teenage Korean comedy/romance. My only beef was that for young girls at the age of 15-16 could be encouraged with premarital sex. Yeah, it was in there. But thankfully they downplayed it but I think the script could have been changed, rewritten, whatever.............

The premise of the movie was smart and cute and some would say "dreamy" for a young girl. I guess if I was a young teen again, this would be THE movie.

Eun Ji-won wasn't really eye candy for me but I guess for each their own.

Eun Ji Won
Eun Ji WonEun Ji WonEun Ji Won

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