Friday, June 20, 2008

Holds Up Down (Hôrudo appu daun-2005)

Holds Up Down
Arata Furuta - Maeda
Go Morita - Masaru Hiramatsu
Hiroshi Nagano - Yusuke Hoshino
Junichi Okada - Koichi Sawamura
Masayuki Sakamoto - Masami Kiba
Yoshihiko Inohara - Choji Kimata
Ayumi Ito - Kyoko Miyazaki
Yu Kashii - Rinko Akai
Ken Miyake - Yutaka Sagawa

Dressed head to toe in Santa Claus outfits, this not-so-dynamic duo decide to hide their cash “earnings” in a train station locker, only to discover that neither of them has the correct change to operate the locker itself. Along the way, the two thieves decide to steal from a nearby street musician named Sawamura Koichi, but to their complete surprise, he chases after them. Even worse, Hoshino Yusuke and Kiba Masami, two gung-ho police officers, decide to join in on the chase, along with Hiramatsu Masaru, a concerned citizen who becomes an interested party himself. Considering all this manic excitement, just how will it all end for these two Christmas-themed robbers?

LOL! This movie was a riot! I laughed myself hoarse. Screamed "OMG!" a thousand times. It was so was funny. Kind of reminded me of some of the stupid Saturday Night Live skits but in an 1.5 hour time frame.

The action, comedic timing was perfect. LOL! They even had some kung-fu action at the end that was a bit tooooo long but enjoyable all the same. I'll probably watch V6's first movie together sometime soon. I hope it's as funny as this one was. LOL! I'm still laughing.....

Who would have thought!?

Miyake Ken
Miyake Ken

Inohara Yoshihiko
Inohara Yoshihiko

Sakamoto Masayuki
Masayuki Sakamoto From V6sakamoto

Morita Go
Go Morita

Nagano Hiroshi
Hiroshi Nagano From V6daigo madoka (ultraman tiga)

Okada Junichi
Junichijunichi okada2junichi okada6


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