Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mr. Wacky (생, 날선생,Saeng, Nal-seon-saeng-2006)

Mr. Wacky
Woong-in Jeong
Eun-pi Kang - Choi Jin-ju
So-Jeong Kang
Hyo-jin Kim - Yun So-ju
Kyeon Lee - Jin Hwan-hee
Ji-yun Mun - Lee Hyun-joon
Keon-hyeong Park - Wu Ju-ho
Myeong-kuk Kim

OMG! This movie.....SUCKED! I blame editing. The movie made not a lick of sense. One minute Ju-ho is standing, next scene he's rolling off a bed, next scene he's at a computer. WTF? I really hoped it would get better as it got along..but it didn't.

This movie was a total waste of 1.5 hours of my life. I'll never get those minutes back again. UGH!

It's so bad that while looking for synopsises for this movie.....everyone has a "not-so-nice" comment about the movie. So I guess the writer's weren't too thrilled with it either. That's sad because there were some really descent actors but this movie couldn't be saved for nothing. The script and editing was atrocious.

I won't waste my time on this anymore. No pics or anything else. I've already wasted my time watching this crap!

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