Saturday, June 28, 2008

Over the Rainbow (Obeo deo reinbou/오버 더 레인보우-2002)

Over the Rainbow
Jung-Jae Lee - Jin-su Lee
Jin-Young Jang - Yeong-hie Kang
Supporting Roles
Hyeong-jin Kong - Young-min Kim
Bo-eun Choi
Jae-Won Choi
Kyu-han Choi
Chan Jung - Sang-in Choi
Seo-hyeong Kim
Mae-ri Lee
Yeong-Ju Li
Yun-Hyeon Park
Eun-Jeong Sin
Ji-won Uhm - Eun-song Kim

Jin-soo works at a local weather channel as an anchorman. His life is pretty simple until the day he got into a car accident. Fortunately he didn’t get any serious physical injuries but he’s suffering from partial amnesia. Trying to get back to his normal life, he finds clues about a woman that he seemed to have had a lot of feeling for in the past. With only a few hints, Jin-soo decides to search out the identity of this woman.

His investigation will lead him to Yeon-hee, a girl friend he knew since high school. With the help of Yeon-hee, Jin-soo will start to put together the pieces of the puzzle but will soon start to loose interest in that mysterious passed loved women as he now found someone who seems to really care about him in the person of Yeon-hee.

This was a beautiful story. A man who loses parts of his memory especially that of the woman he loved most. As he fights to regain those memories, he sets in motion the truth of why he loved her most.

The movie was easy to figure out but I still stuck with it hoping it wouldn't end badly. The movie went back-and=forth between present and past scenes so you every once in a while had to figure out what part of his life it was.

It was very interesting to watch with the fact that even though he lost his memory while regaining those memories back he still felt the same about her no matter what.

It was a beautiful romance with an uplifting spirit. This is the kind of movie that gives me a "high" during the day.

If you were to every lose your memory, do you think that you would eventually find your way back to the love your memory lost?

Over the RainbowOver the RainbowOver the Rainbow

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