Monday, June 16, 2008

Medaka (めだか-2004)

AKA: Night School
Mimura as Meguro Takako
Harada Taizo as Shiina Ryousuke
Eita as Sakuragi Taku
Sudo Risa as Kawahara Yukiko
Yamamoto Taro Yabe Hiroki
Kinouchi Akiko as Kawashima Taei
Hiraoka Yuta as Takasugi Junpei
Kuroki Meisa as Yoshizumi Asuka
Izumiya Shigeru Kariya Rokuro
Yamazaki Shigenori as Oyamada Osamu
Ichige Yoshie as Meguro Mizue
Kohinata Fumiyo as Taneda Naofumi
Asano Yuko as Kunimi Shouko
Hayashi Ryuzo as Morimura Seiji
Kato Koki as Takei Kou
Asahina Eri as Yamamoto Eri
Endo Yuya as Nemoto Yuuya
Sato Megumi
Sato Kazuya
Izawa Ken (ep1)
Kaku Tomohiro (ep3)
Koide Keisuke (ep3,5)
Sakai Wakana as Kariya Keiko (ep7)
Katayama Reo
Yanagisawa Takahiko
Masana Bokuzo

Takako Meguro's dream has always been to get married and quit her job. But one day, she finds herself working as a teacher at a night school. At first, she is unmotivated and doesn't take her work seriously. But she soon finds out that work at night school is tougher than she thought. There's a high-school dropout, a businessman, a cabaret girl, and many others—every student is either strange or extraordinary in one way or another. Half of the students are older than Takako, and she discovers that one of the students was her classmate in elementary school.

Now that she sleeps during the day and works at night, Takako is unable to attend drinking parties to meet guys. She starts to think that's how life is, and she should go with the flow.

But one night an incident ignites Takako's passion for her job, which explodes into an angry scolding of her students. --Fuji TV

OMG! I found a drama with Eita! I love him! He's just so my type! Tall, dark, and....oh, so gorgeous! HEHE!

I have to say that the Japanese like to shove down your throat school-life morality! I don't know how many shows that I've seen the teacher teaching hard-to-teach kids. Let's see....Gokusen and GTO are some examples. This one is a bit different as the "kids" are a mosaic of drop-outs of different ages.....a few older than the teacher herself. The setting....night school. Definitely different....but as the "kids" learn about themselves the teacher learns as well.

I've never heard of this drama until I literally fell upon it. This one is totally underrated. This one needs to be pushed to the masses!!

Endo Yuya
Endo Yuyayuya endo

Hiraoka Yuta
hiraoka yuta first kiss危險大家姐
Just had to add a few guys that you don't normally see up front and in leading roles but their supporting characters make major impacts....and they're cute too!

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速い羽~ said...

Hey your blog title is wrong =P Its not 'Made Made'its Mada Mada. =3

and I love endo yuya! he's in thi show as his own name, i wonder how he'd feel about it kkekeke