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Adrift in Tokyo (Tenten/転々-2007)

Adrift in Tokyo
Tomokazu Miura - Aichiro Fukuhara
Joe Odagiri - Fumiya Takemura
Supporting Cast
Eri Fuse - Mrs. Sendai (Office Worker #1)
Ryo Iwamatsu - Mr. Kunimatsu (Office Worker #2)
Yutaka Matsushige - Office Worker #3
Reona Hirota - Kaburagi (painter)
Yoshizumi Ishihara - Angry son in Aiyu Shop
Ittoku Kishibe - himself
Kyoko Koizumi - Makiko (Fukuhara's fake wife/bar hostess)
Yuriko Yoshitaka - Fufumi
Mitsuko Ishii - Tatako (married women Fumiya picked up)
Takashi Sasano
Tomokazu Miura
Kumiko Aso - Meter Maid (cameo)

Takemura begins the film as an 8th-year college student who has somehow managed to accumulate ¥840,000 in debt.

Abandoned by his parents in childhood, he has no one to turn to for the cash.
One night a stranger with a grubby trenchcoat and grizzly beard, Fukuhara, bursts into his apartment, puts him in a chokehold and demands the dough, or else. Takemura agrees to scrape it up, but his feeble attempts, including a losing pachinko session, fail miserably. Then, the day before the debt comes due, Fukuhara comes to Takemura with an unusual offer: walk with him from Kichijoji to Kasumigaseki, for ¥1 million, paid on successful completion. Takemura has no choice but to go along.

On the first day of the walk, Fukuhara tells Takemura his reason for it: He killed his wife and intends to give himself up at the Sakuradamon police station. Takemura, a law student, urges Fukuhara to go to the nearest cop shop — if the police discover the body before he turns himself in, the hand of the law will be heavier, Takemura explains — but Fukuhara refuses to change his plan: It's Sakuradamon or nothing.

This was an amazing film. I will admit it's slooooooooow. But it's worth it. There is actually a story to tell. Fumiya who hasn't shown much emotion in 7-8 years starts to bear witness to what having a family could be like. Then his tears start to flow....................

There are a few questions left unanswered from the movie. I don't know if they left it open for a second film or not. The meter maid? She seemed like she knew Fumiya but it was only a minute in the movie. Fukahara's wife? So did anyone finally realize she was dead? Fumiya's parents? Where are they? His adopted parents? Where are they?

Joe? What was with the 'fro? That has to go! *hehe, I rhymed*

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