Thursday, June 12, 2008

Love Phobia(Domabaem,도마뱀-2006)

Love Phobia
Seung-woo Cho ... Jo Kang
Hye-jeong Kang ... A-ri
Ju-yeon Byeon
Jin-yeong Jeong
Shin-il Kang
Geon-tae Park
Shin-hye Park
Hyeon Woo
Hyeong-cheol Lee

Cho Seung Woo (Marathon, The Classic) and Gang Hye Jung (Welcome To Dongmakgol, Old Boy) star in this curious romantic drama that spans decades. One sunny day, a young boy named Jo Kang meets a curious young girl, dressed in a bright yellow raincoat. Jo Kang instantly becomes friends with Ari, and falls instantly in love with the beautiful but rather strange young girl - only for her to one day disappear! The story jumps to ten years later, and Jo Kang is now in high school. One day, completely out of the blue, Ari contacts him and asks to meet again. Although they have not seen each other in a decade, they have a wonderful time together, and the love between them begins to grow once more. But then, Ari disappears once more, leaving Jo Kang devastated. Can Jo Kang track down his true love? Will he ever discover why Ari keeps disappearing? Will he be able to do anything about it? All will be revealed in the tender story of Love Phobia.

Get out the tissue! I'm still crying as I type this. Okay, it's no Koizora (which made me howl for days). This movie is deep seated. Be prepared.

Love Phobia is in reference to a certain illness that affected billions in the early 80's and still affects the continent of Africa more than any other. Love Phobia references those of us who didn't really know about this illness and were advised to avoid these people as much as possible. (I hope you all are getting my "drift") Famous case: Ryan White. Those with this illness were treated as if they were from outer space, aliens. So....lots of references to her being an alien.

To a degree, this movie had a poetic quality with beautiful village landscapes and photography. The actors were superb and the chemistry seemed real. My heart just aches. Ugh! Save me from the heartache. Save me from Korean love stories. Damn, if they know how to rip your heart out and make you eat it. Yeah, this one was too good to be true and the ending was just....well, just......keep the tissues handy. Damn! The tears are hot again! *sob escapes*

Cho Seung Woo
Cho Seung Woo
OMG! He looks like RAIN!!!!!

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