Monday, June 16, 2008

Mr. Socrates )미스터 소크라테스, Mi-seu-teo So-keu-ra-te-seu-2005)

Mr. Socrates 1
Heo Jeong-min
Shin-il Kang
Rae-won Kim - Ku Dong-hyeok
Jong-hyeok Lee
Kwang-rok Oh
Tae-young Yoon
Cheol-min Park
Mr Socrates

"A law is a law, however undesirable it may be."~Socrates

Asking for money to his father imprisoned in jail, threatening a friend who became a murderer by mistake, stealing money from his friends…KU Dong-hyuk (Kim Rae-won) is the worst scumbag you can ever imagine. Living a low-life like a street dog, one day, Dong-hyuk gets kidnapped by a mysterious gang. Being captured out of no reason, the gang trains Dong-hyuk in a secret and inhumane way repeatedly. Dong-hyuk tries to escape but fails, which makes the training more harsh and cruel than before. After finishing all the training, the gang orders Dong-hyuk to become a police detective as their secret connection.

This movie was bad ass! The perfect girl/guy watching movie. Kim Rae Won was perfect as the bad boy. It was strange because he's always been bad but with a tender heart. Not this kind of bad boy where he starts out with a heart of stone. Wow! It was so strange.

I truly laughed out loud when he was searching for that first suspect after getting his detective promotion into homicide. That poor guy with the long hair....hehe....that was a riot. I swear I spewed my Diet Mountain Dew out my nose. LOL!

Definitely a favorite of mine.

Kim Rae Won
kim rae won
Kim Rae Won 4金来沅剪短发魅力无限 2

Lee Jong Hyuk

Lee Jeong HyeokLee Jeong HyukPhotobucket
I don't know what it is about Jung Hyuk. I really don't but he makes my toes curl and my heart beat faster than normal. He isn't the cutest of all Korean men but there is something about him that makes me think there is something beyond for him. Maybe it's the tender, intelligent eyes but the bad boy body. Heck, I don't know but he's got that something-something that makes me want to go and run away to Korea....right.....NOW! I get all excited when I find a movie that has him in it...even if it's for a brief second.

Yoon Tae Yeong
Heo Jeong MinHeo Jeong MinHeo Jeong Min

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