Saturday, June 7, 2008

I Hate Christmas (Xmasなんて大嫌い, Kurisumasu Nainte Daikirai-2004)

Kurisumasu Nante Daikirai
Fukada Kyoko as Kurihara Fuyumi
Akanishi Jin as Kitagawa Sho
Yamada Yu as Murakami Rena
Kimura Ryo as Okura Masaya
Kabira Jay as DJ Sugisaki
Yue Takeyuki as Ueda Tomohiro
Monsieur Kamayatsu (ムッシュかまやつ) as Okura Hiroshi
Kaneko Ken as Kihara Kensuke
Nakayama Megumi

I have to say I don't hate Christmas but this mini dram sucked something terrible. There wasn't enough time in the alloted episodes to make this show. Fuyumi was annoying as hell. I wanted to beat her up and throw her out the window. How could Shou like a girl like that? She slept all day and did jack! No motivation. There was no drive or will to make someone like her. So it was completely incapable for Shou to have liked her. So unbelievable. An hour and a half wasted. Thankfully it was only that. The only...and I mean ONLY good thing about this show was that Akanishi Jin and Kimura Ryo were in this show. That was it. And that is the only reason anyone would have watched this crappy show!

Akanishi Jin
JINAkanishi JinAkanishi jinAkanishi jin

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