Friday, June 20, 2008

M (2007)-South Korean

Dong-won Kang
Yeon-hee Lee
Hyo-jin Kong
In-gi Jeong
Young-chang Song
Ju-hwan Im
Mu-song Jeon

"Hallucinations and nightmares torment up-and-coming young author Min-woo (Gang Dong-won). He cannot concentrate on his new work, the much-anticipated follow-up to his first successful novel, nor can he lead a normal life. Old photos and images he does not recognize – though they are somehow familiar – materialize from the darkness as if developed in a darkroom. Haunted by these spectres of memories he can’t remember, he drags himself through days of confusion and alienation. Mimi (Lee Yeon-hee), a beautiful young woman, follows him around like one completely lost in love. As Mimi intones the notes of “Mist” (popular song from 1960's) for him, long-ago recollections sparkle in the darkness of his mind as if illuminated by flashbulbs. Flickering memories of his first love claim his concentration, calling for him to remember."

This was the most wigged out movie I've ever seen. The first half was making my brain hurt. I couldn't tell what was dream, reality, nightmare, present, past, dead, or alive. This movie is not for those who can't take an artsy-fartsy movie. The movie is filmed in a blue tint with dark tones. Very, very weird for a South Korean movie.

For KDW, this was just his typical film that I've seen from him. This movie would have been hard for any actor of any caliber. It wasn't bad but it just wasn't the movie I thought it would be. If you can make through the first half, you are in for some sort of connect-the-dots. The beginning of the film you must make sure you remember certain sequences and clues because they come back and the movie starts to make sense and come to its conclusion. It was sort of like watching LOST. Clues + past sequences + dream sequences + reality = WTF?

The end I think was supposed to be sad but I just couldn't connect. To much trauma to my brain capacity left me feeling confuzzled..........................

Kang Dong Won
Men\'s Nono (May 2006)wetkang dong wondong won - kang

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