Friday, June 13, 2008

Marrying the Mafia (가문의 영광,Gamunui yeonggwang-2002)

marrying the mafia (2002)
Dong-geun Yoo ... Jang, In-tae (Jin-kyeong's brother)
Jun-ho Jeong ... Park, Dae-seo
Jeong-eun Kim ... Jang, Jin-kyeong
Ji-ru Sung ... Jang, Seok-tae (Jin-kyeong's brother)
Sang-wook Park ... Jang, Kyeong-tae (Jin-kyeong's brother)
Geun-hyeong Park ... Jang, Jeong-jong (Jin-kyeong's father)
Hee-kyung Jin ... Won, Hye-suk
Jun-yong Choi
Su-min Oh
Hye-jeong Yu ... Mi-sun
Gi-yeong Lee
Jeong-su Byeon

"My name is PARK Dae-suh, CEO of a promising tech startup. One morning when I woke, next to me was a naked woman named Jin-kyung. Tough luck on my behalf, she turned out to be the daughter of Triple J, a living crime legend. I don't recall much from that night, but Jin-kyung's brothers came and threatened me to marry her. That's not the end of the story."

"We are the three brothers from the legendary crime family, Triple J. Our family has both money and power, but there's one thing missing. Scholarship. But things ere starting to look bright. We found an eligible bachelor fresh out of Seoul National University's law school who's now a CEO at a respected tech startup. We just need to somehow make him a part of our family. PARK Dae-suh! You are our family's honor!"

I really thought this would be so much better. It was good and all but I guess the hype was set too high.

The premise of the story was cute and unimaginable but very funny. I'm seriously trying to decide if I want to see the other two MttM movies. I'm not sure. Maybe if and when I'm bored. LOL!

I really think my beef with the whole movie has everything to do with the couple. I didn't feel that "romantic" tingle in the movie...ever. Oh this was typical Korean romance, i.e......situation, comedy, mishap, comedy, love, mishap, situation, etc.

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