Monday, June 9, 2008

Love in Magic (Yeonae-sulsa, 연애술사-2005)

Love in Magic
Eun-ju Choi
Seong-guk Choi - Han Joon-seok
Yeo-jin Choi
Mi-ryeong Cho
Dong-hoon Ha (as Haha)
Mi-lyeong Jo - Choi Seon-hee
Yun-ah Oh - Kim Hyun-joo
Jin-hie Park - Koo Hee-won
Jeong-hun Yeon - Woo Ji-hoon
Ji-seok Kim
Hyeong-tak Shim
Kyeong-jin Lee

Ji-hoon is a famous magician. He's also a ladies man. The city is his stage, or rather his hunting ground. Every night he's out looking for a new lady, and he rarely goes home alone. But Ji-hoon's womanising ways are about to land him in some serious trouble. One night when he's dragged yet another girl to yet another hotelroom, he suddenly gets a call from his friend, who has stumbled over some hidden camera footage on the internet of a couple having sex in a hotel. Why is that so interesting? Well, the guy is Ji-hoon!

Meet Koo Hee-won. A sweet young teacher, who also happens to be Ji-hoon's co-star in that soon to be infamous sex-tape. When Ji-hoon seeks her out to tell her that their brief union has been immortalised on the internet, she breaks down, but soon comes up with a plan. They must find the tape! They must find the ones who made it!

First they have to locate the hotel, but none of them can remember where they stayed! Ji-hoon and Hee-won then begin an intense hunt for the right hotel. They tour around the entire area, from one ghastly hotel room to another searching for surveillance equipment. Meanwhile they both try to get on with their love lives, but the more time they spend together, they more they start to remember the passion they shared, Could this unfortunate event bring these two people together again...? Or perhaps a touch of magic will do the trick.

I'm so glad I found this movie! It was so wonderful. I loved the ending especially. LOL!

I have to say I was a bit shocked about what it was about. How would you feel if an intimate moment was caught on film and streamed through the internet? For a guy, it might not mean much but to a girl it's humiliating and looks awful for her family.

Even though this movie had me giggling through some very funny moments, it's main story is quite serious. Myself, using the internet through my everyday life, sometimes forget that because it's makes life easy can also make someone elses life very difficult...even suicidal. Almost every website we go too, a porn website can pop-up (I have blockers thankfully). Imagine if you saw a friend, relative, neighbor, husband/wife...........the results could be horrendous.

This movie brought some of that attention back to reality. I really enjoyed this immensely. The story captivated me and I've discovered a cutie-patootie. *smiles*

Yeon Jeong Hoon
Yeon Jeong HoonYeon Jeong Hoon

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