Monday, June 16, 2008

Monopoly (모노폴리-2006)

Dae-su Han
Hie-jeong Kim
Seong-su Kim - John
Dong-kun Yang - Kyung Ho
Ji-min Yun - Elly

Kyong-Ho, played by Dong-kun Yang (Baramui Fighter (2004), Wild Card (2003)) is a computer genius with a penchant for collecting action figures. The lonely young man, employed as a computer expert at a bank, gets caught up in a plan orchestrated by John in which they will withdraw a small amount of money from every bank account in Korea. The mastermind behind this plan is John played by Seong-su Kim (Masitneun sex geurigo sarang (2003), Bunhongsin (2005)).

This was one wild movie. What was really great about it? I had no clue that I was being played like a freakin' fiddle. The movie is not what you think you thought you saw. It's twisted! LOL! The end was not what I thought it would be. I'm still dumb-fuzzled. While watching this movie, don't fall into their "game" because I did and fell face first into total confusion. LOL! That is what is so great about it. It's nothing what you would expect. Man, I really liked this one!

Kim Seong Su
Kim Sung Soo 1Kim Sung Soo 2Kim Sung Soo

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