Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pray (Purei/プレイ-2005)

Katsuya Kobayashi
Fumiyo Kohinata
Sanae Miyata
Asami Mizukawa - Maki
Mitsuyoshi Shinoda - Yasuda
Tetsuji Tamayama - Mitsuru
Toshiyuki Toyonaga - Shima

Mitsuru and his girlfriend Maki are down on their luck with nothing left to lose. In a last ditch effort to scrape up some cash, they decide to kidnap a school girl and ransom her to her parents. They hide out in an abandoned elementary school, and everything is going fine.

Until the girl runs off and the parents claim their daughter died a year ago. They're not going to pay.

Then Mitsuru's ne'er-do-well friends show up, and the fun really starts. They're meaner, tougher, and more desperate than Mitsuru. And since the ransom plan is off, they begin devising other things to do with the poor school girl.

This trailer has two. The first is the trailer to Pray (Purei).
This movie was a little creepy. I had to have my son watch it with me. It wasn't scary to him. I'm a wuss. Remember that. I'll admit, I squeaked a few times. I'll admit, that I closed my eyes a few times. But in all, it wasn't SCARY. Like I said it was CREEPY.

I had to watch this because one of my favorite Japanese actors was in this. I'll watch any movie he is in...and that includes horrors. Tetsuji-san never let me down. That man rocks. I know there is a lot of you who are in agreement with me. LOL! *sigh* *toes curling*

Okay, there was a weepy moment at the end. Of course, my son who is watching this movie with me is giggling because his mother is sniffling and all teary-eyed. I can't help it.

This movie is quite slow. Some might say even boring. Stick with it. Revelations abound at the end. Whew!


Tamayama Tetsuji
Tetsuji Tamayamatetsuji tamayamacloseup tetsuji tamayama
*goosebumps all over*

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