Monday, June 23, 2008

North Korean Guys (Donghaemulgwa Baekdusan, 동해물과 백두산이-2003)

north korean guys
Jun-ho Jeong - Choi Baek-du
Hyeong-jin Kong - Lim Dong-hun
Hyeon-kyeong Ryu - Han Na-ra
Cheol Park - Inspector Ahn
Sang-wook Park - Inspector Park
Min Han
Kyeong-soon Jeong
Won-hie Kim
Hye-mi Lee - Yeon-jung
Jae-ryong Lee
Ji-hye Oh
Yeong-tak Song - Na-ra's Dad

A North Korean navy officer and a sergeant are drinking and fishing and end up falling asleep on a boat. The following morning they find themselves swept away to the beach of the East Sea in South Korea. From that time on, the officer Baekdu (played by Jeong Junho) and Donghae (Gong Hyeongjin) make all out attempts to come back to the North, a process filled with many comical episodes. They are amazed to see the South's young slim women in bikinis and good-for-nothing penniless rakes who regard the two, just from their dialects, as ethnic Koreans from China's Yanbian Prefecture. Even policemen believe that the two have come from police headquarters to appraise their work performances. Things get worse when a runaway girl named Nara befriends them and her father, a police department head, dispatches two detectives to bring her back. Their attempts to go back to North Korea are foiled every time they try to leave, and they end up spending their summer vacation in the South.

HA-HA-HA! If only getting into South Korea were that simple. I'm trying to get there myself. I wish!

The poor guys enjoy a bit of North Korean soju (????), get drunk, fall asleep, get woken by a typhoon, and wash up in paradise. A lot of laughs as they both try to get money, clothes, food, and a way back to their homeland. Then add a couple of idiot detectives who are supposed to be capturing their captains runaway daughter and instead get mistaken for the North Korean men who were the one who actually stole their clothes.

This was highly enjoyable. Even though I'm not even slightly Korean, or Asian as a matter of fact, I couldn't hear the accent they kept talking about. I'm guessing the actors had to change their accents for the movie which I couldn't detect. If I had been a Korean, I might have caught it????

Again, watch to the very end. Did they make it home? You have to watch it to find out.

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