Sunday, June 22, 2008

No Mercy for the Rude (Yeui-eomneun geotdeul, 예의없는것들-2006)

No Mercy for the Rude
Ha-kyun Shin - Killer
Ji-hye Yun
Han-wi Lee
Su-hee Go
Ye-rin Han
San Kang
Byeong-ok Kim
Eung-su Kim
Ju-ryeong Kim
Kwang-il Kim
Min-jun Kim
Tae-won Kwon
Kil-soo Park

Park Chul-Hee’s debut feature tells the story of a man who thinks he’s on a straight road but finds--too late?--that it’s actually quite bent. This is a Korean movie, so of course he’s working as a hitman, and No Mercy for the Rude seems to shape up as one more determinedly wacky ultra-violent hitman comedy to add to the ever-lengthening list. Our nameless protagonist is mute (actually he has a speech impediment and is saving up for an operation to fix it) and his two obsessions are bullfighting and seafood; his working principle is that he kills only the rude and ugly--those who deserve to die, such as goons who were fascist thugs in the martial-law 1980s.

This movie suprisingly was a very, very, very good movie. I wasn't expecting to be so moved by it. This movie with comedic and romantic undertones is overpowered by the blood from the hired assassin.

This movie was so revealing with Shin Ha Gyun having only maybe 2-3 words out of the whole movie. He is a mute assassin who was born with a small tongue and is embarrassed to talk because he talks with a lisp. So he voluntarily doesn't speak. So the whole movie he is actually "acting" and listening throughout. Oh, we do hear him talk throughout the movie because he narrates the story as we go and we hear his thoughts minus the lisp because you can't talk with a lisp in your mind.

This show isn't for the young. I was shocked to see a lot of sex scenes, revealing sex scenes at the beginning. But now that I look back on it....the story becomes more tender and revealing between the two protagonists. This was a wonderful story and yes, have some tissue at the end because it has a shocking twist at the end but I figured it out halfway through. *snickers*

Yeah, watch it. Total sleeper hit with me.

Shin Ha Gyun
Shin Ha KyunShin Ha KyunShin Ha kyun
Kim Min Jun
Kim Min Jun, korean, brunette, short hair, brown eyes, stubble, bw, skinKim Min JunKim Min Jun, korean, brunette, short hair, brown eyes, stubble, skin

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