Sunday, June 22, 2008

Neighbor No. 13 (隣人13号, Rinjin 13-gô -2005)

Neighbor 13
Shido Nakamura - 13-gô / No. 13
Shun Oguri - Jûzô Murasaki
Hirofumi Arai - Tôru Akai
Yumi Yoshimura - Nozomi Akai
Tomoya Ishii - Hajime Seki
Minoru Matsumoto - Shinigami / God of Death
Hitori Gekidan - Comedian on TV
Mitsuru Murata
Takashi Miike - Kaneda

"That was the other me who's in my body."

Juzo Murasaki is a young introvert who's moved to a new town where he has a new job.

On his first day at a construction site he meets his foreman and realises that, to his quiet horror, the foreman is no other than Toru Akai.

Akai was solely responsible for making Juzo's life hell by bullying him for years at school. It soon becomes clear that Akai - now a married man with a kid - hasn't changed one bit. He's still a callous, mean-streaked bully who's bent on mistreating people under his control. Although he doesn't recognise his former victim, he automatically adds Juzo to his list of victims at the construction site.

When Juzo discovers that Akai lives upstairs from him at their apartment block, he's started to feel the effects of his traumatic experiences of being bullied by Akai and his crones.

These effects give strength to his alter ego - a scarred, mentally deranged man named No. 13 - that slowly takes over Juzo to start a highly orchestrated vengeance against those who hurt Juzo, past and present.

OMG! This movie was totally wigged out! I was not expecting a totally new Oguri Shun. Okay, not new but a totally different character than his norm. Sweet, innocent, cute, nice, romantic......and so on.

If there was one movie that maximized the anti-bullying campaign it would be this one. DEFINITELY!

This movie harnassed the main theme that what comes around goes around. But, revenge doesn't always work the way you want it to. There are responsibilities from everyone not just the affected and the affectors.

OH! The naked Oguri Shun was a definite plus. He dances naked! LOL!

Oguri Shun
Shun OguriShun OguriShun Oguri

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