Monday, June 30, 2008

9 Souls (ナイン・ソウルズ-2003)

9 souls

Koji Chihara
Yoshio Harada ... Torakichi
Asami Imajuku ... Kishin
Jun Inoue
Itsuji Itao
Misaki Ito
Jun Kunimura
Kotomi Kyono
Akaji Maro
Ryuhei Matsuda ... Michiru
Takako Matsu
Onimaru ... Shishido
Kiyohiko Shibukawa ... Saruwatari (as Kee)
Anne Suzuki
Mame Yamada ... Shiratori
Eita ... Michiru's brother

A convict in an isolated prison stumbles upon a hole in the wall and nine men break out. Some of the escapees have a definite goal but for others it is just a spur of the moment decision. Each of the convicts is carrying a baggage of difficult memories. The men take a van from someone they know and head for a primary school near Mt. Fuji to pick up some hidden loot, but when they get to the school, all they find is a small glass key in a time capsule. The men are dumbfounded. But, as they continue on their journey they begin to experience a strange new sense of possibility. Their thoughts turn towards the unfinished business in their lives before they were locked up and one by one they decide to act. But where will their resolutions lead them?

Surprise, surprise!! This was really good. A bit slow but that really doesn't bother me if the script and acting are good. Ryu-san is Rhu-san as usual. The perfect part I think for this. Those sad eyes are perfect for this role. He did kill his father, after all. He doesn't speak much in the movie but then that is okay. It's what his body says that makes the perfect point. LOL! It was a bit funny when they all dressed up in drag. Ryu-san was so kawaii!!!

Another shocker of the film, and trust me I did some searching on this and they don't even mention him in any reviews, is Eita. I got all excited and bubbly when I saw that Michiru's (Ryuhei's) brother was Eita. *sigh* This was not the typical role for him. He plays the loud, obnoxious, spoiled, out-of-control, bad boy wannabe thug. I about spewed my Diet Mountain Dew on my brand new sofa when I saw him. Let's just say in one scene Michiru walks in on his brother getting a blow job, that blew my mind. It's so hard to see him in this role but yet he did the part so well.

The movie starts off with Michiru killing his father. It ends with Michiru...................

It was funny but in a weird sort of way. All of the men had endearing qualities even though all of them killed somebody in their own fashion and reasoning. You learn to like them even though they are murderers and hope that they survive...........................


Matsuda Ryuhei
ryuhei matsuda

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