Monday, June 30, 2008

Loss Time Life: Cameraman ( ロス:タイム:ライフ -2008)

Episode 1
Loss Time Life
Eita as Nakayama Haruhiko
Koichi Mantaro as Shinoda
Fukiishi Kazue as Iwata Yuriko
Oshima Yoko
Nakagome Sachiko (中込佐知子)
Inagaki Rinka (稲垣鈴夏)

The title is taken from the Japanese term for stoppage time in soccer. In each episode, the lead character will be in a situation where he or she is about to die. Time suddenly stops and a mysterious group of referees appears, who grants the protagonist extra time based on the time wasted during that person's life. The story will explore the ways that each of the characters decides to spend that extra time. -- Tokyograph

Inspiring but yet sad depiction of getting a second chance to right a wrong or finish what you started before you die.

This first episode had me bawling my eyes out. They are still red and puffy mind you.

Eita plays the character, Nakayama Haruhiko, who is a newspaper cameraman who reports the scene in his pictures. But yet, his pictures, even though accurate accounts, never truly told the human side of the story. After given an assignment to investigate a drug bust, things get scary and he's caught by a gun wielding drug pusher. The drug pusher shoots and then time stops before the bullet hits him in the head. Haruhiko is given the chance to make use of this time to fulfill the things he wanted to do.

After helping a woman give birth, he decides to find his ex-girlfriend who left him because he chose his job over her. At this time, he calls her and a little girl answers the phone. It's his ex's daughter. Saddened, he gives up and goes to the nearest park and witness his ex and the little girl playing. Sometime later the little girl comes over and talks to him and discovers the little girl is HIS daughter. Before his time is up, he takes a picture of himself and gives her the camera. Then proceeds back to the scene of his death.

His time is up.................

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