Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Big Scene (Baksu-chiltae deonara/박수칠때 떠나라 -2005)

The Big Scene

Seung-won Cha - Choi Yeon-gi
Yeong-nam Jang
Dong-hwan Jeong
Gyu-su Jeong
Jae-yeong Jeong - Bully
Ji-su Kim ... Jung Yun-jung
Hyeong-gwon Lee
Jeong-ah Park - Han Mu-suk
Goo Shin
Ha-kyun Shin - Kim Young-hun
Han-wi Lee
Seung-yong Ryoo

In a posh hotel room, the body of a beautiful woman, a high-ranking employee of an advertising firm, is found in a pool of blood. The police quickly nab the most obvious suspect near the scene, a young man clutching a canister of gasoline. What initially seems like an open-and-shut case for hard-as-nails prosecutor Choi and his team quickly unravels – not only does the suspect, Kim, refuse to confess and moreover pass a lie-detector test, other suspects with very strong motives for the crime start to surface. And then there’s the highly unorthodox new television program that attaches itself to the investigation, broadcasting every development in real time across Korea, putting even greater pressure on Choi and his crew of quirky colleagues. As the hours slip by, the autopsy reveals startling new evidence, witnesses provide complicating testimony and lack of sleep takes its toll on the investigators as internal tensions begin to mount. Then matters take a turn for the weird when the TV producers bring in a spiritualist and her daughter to summon the victim’s ghost…

Okay, this was a totally wigged out movie. I didn't expect this to be like Real World/24/CSI/Law and Order. LOL!

This was a criminal investigation that was live broadcast all over the station to the people in Korea or Seoul or wherever they may be. It was just weird because they even had the producers script the real suspects and everything. Weird. Totally different in every genre I can think of.

Surprisingly enough this was a murder mystery that Sherlock Holmes would have thought was psychotic. LOL! And the end, let's just say I was bumfuzzled and everything. So confused. Okay, we know who stabbed her...but her brother...well, WTF? Was he innocent or not. I'm confused still......Aaaaaaagh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jamireal said...

hey you have great taste in music. i never hard "Dangerous Mind" before i have to get it now!!^^

Sheree said...

Why thank you! I'm a freak "high" on Asian music!