Monday, July 7, 2008

Off Road ( 오프로드 -2007)

Off Road
Han-cheol Jo - Sang-hun (Taxi Driver)
Su-jang Baek - Cheol-gu (Bank Robber)
Woo-seon Seon - Ji-su (Prostitute)

Taxi driver Sang-hun (Han-cheol Jo) is contemplating the meaning of life when a bank robber, Cheol-gu (Su-jang Baek), stumbles into his taxi fresh off a job. With a gun pointed at him, Sang-hoon puts his foot on the gas and the two head south, but when they stop at a motel, they cross paths with a local prostitute, Ji-su (Woo-seon Seon). Their fates are now tied together, and the three continue down the road and exchange stories along the way.

This was the most depressing, saddest movie I've seen in awhile. The whole time I kept hoping for some kind of happiness.

After being kidnapped at gunpoint by bank robber, Cheol-gu, Sang-gun is left to drive him to his final destination. Before entering the taxi cab, Cheol-gu is shot in the arm by one of the police officers on the scene. The whole time Cheol-gu is in severe pain caused by the bullet in his arm. After an attemped escape, Sang-hun and Cheol-gu fight and Cheol-gu is accidently shot again, this time by Sang-hun. Sang-hun feeling guilty for almost killing Cheol-gu decides to help him out on his escape south.

As the story goes on, we discover why Cheol-gu robs the bank and why Sang-hun was there in front of the bank before he was kidnapped. The story is a fated one when the two both have special circumstances for want of the banks money.

The whole time watching this I felt the need to want to eat myself out of the depression this movie caused. Don't get me wrong, this movie was awesome! It was that traumatic and provoked the feelings it did left me bereaving.

This movie is slow and doesn't have a lot of action sequences. It's mainly the two main characters in a vehicle talking but the discussions they had left you to know about these characters leaving you to feel more for them than not. I mean, who wants to feel good about a guy who just robbed a bank? But under his special circumstances, you feel the Stockholm Syndrome coming on. You eventually feel for the guy who has caused you most harm.

Off RoadOff Roadoff RoadOff RoadOff Road

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