Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Break Out (라이터를 켜라 /Lightereul kyeora -2002)

Break Out
Seung-woo Kim - Heo Bok-gu
Seung-won Cha - Yang Cheol-gon
Yeong-gyu Park - Park Yeong-gab
Seong-jin Kang
Mun-shik Lee
Hye-jin Yu
Chae-yeon Kim
Jung-shik Bae
Jae-hyeon Park
Po-Ram Han
Eun-pyo Jeong
Hyeong-seong Jang
Hang-jun Kang
In-mun Kim
Sun-kyung Kim
Won-jong Lee
Hyeong-jun Lim
Ji-ru Sung
Hae-jin Yu
Seong-kyeom Kim

Bong Gu has no job, no friends and no money, only a mother who really worries about his condition. After an exhausted reserve military drill exercise, on his way back home, he buys one of those cheap plastic lighters with the only money he has left in his pocket. With nothing in the future in perspective and no money at all, the only thing that it remains to him his cheap lighter.
Taking a break in a public restroom at the train station, he loses his precious lighter.

Trying to find desperately were he left it, he finally discover that his precious is now in the hand of a low life gangster named Chul Gon, who is on his way to an important meeting. Bong Gu is now ready to do more than everything to get back his belonging and that includes facing this gangster and his mean bodyguards. -- KFC Cinema

Hmm? I really liked the movie at first. I mean come was funny because Bong-gu was bound and determined to get that damn lighter. LOL! The more he was set back, the more outraged he became to get that thing.

Then poor, poor Cheol-gon.....harrassed by Bong-gu for that damn red lighter. LOL! I don't know why he just didn't give it to him. I think it was out of pride that made him keep it. If he had given it back, I think all of his problems would have been solved or his actions would have been easier. I will say I was sad when he called his wife and pretty much told her he was a dead man and that he missed his son's birthday. That made the movie seem less comedic but real emotionally.

Then there was that guy, don't remember his name, that talked non-stop! OMG! He reminds me of so many people. The kind of person you just want to say "Shut the f*ck up!" to. Ya know?

I wasn't happy with the ending. I think they didn't really know where to go with it so they just let the loose threads of the movie just dangle. Ah well. It was pretty good. Lots of fun with it that is for sure. Moments that you'll laugh out loud because you can't believe "he" would do that. LOL!

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