Monday, July 21, 2008

Who Camus Anyway? (Kamyu nante shiranai / カミュなんて知らない -2006)

Who's Camus Anyway?
Shuuji Kashiwabara - Matsukawa
Hinano Yoshikawa - Yukari
Ai Maeda - Hisada
Hideo Nakaizumi - Ikeda
Tetsuji Tamayama - Hiroshi Nishiura
Shinnosuke Abe - Motosugi
Meisa Kuroki - Rei
Mitsunori Isaki - Yoshizaki
Tomorowo Taguchi - Oyama
Hirotaro Honda - Professor Nakajo

The story is set on the campus of a university in Tokyo. Students from the literature department's "film workshop" are about to start shooting their movie The Bored Murderer, part of their course curriculum. Everyone is in a rush to prepare for the shoot, but the lead actor drops out suddenly, and the team is forced to search for a replacement at the last minute. Matsukawa, the director, and Hisada, the first assistant, and other members of the team have their own personal problems with life and love, and the story unfolds "just like in the movies". Matsukawa's shallow attitude to his girlfriend, Yukari, and the behavior of the mysterious Ikeda, who is to play the lead role of the schoolboy murderer, add to the confusion of the whole situation. As for the one-time director, now lecturer, professor Nakajo, he is also harboring desires for the female student Rei, whilst hiding behind his calm, supportive exterior. Rei, in turn, has a completely different agenda. Everything comes to a head in an unexpected and tumultuous climax.

This was a freakin' awesome, wiggin' movie! Unbelievably surreal! Totally out of the normal Asian/Japanese genre.

The story was slow but captivating. I felt myself not want to turn away. I was so curious about this movie that really talked about nothing but yet left something with parallels to famous plays and novels from the Europeans and Americans.

Naoki was a jerk but yet his girlfriend was a freakin' weirdo that she probably deserved the way she was treated but yet Naoki probably made her that way. It was like a full circle.

Ikeda was amazing. I think he was the main character than had me captivated. He reminded me of Gackt. LOL! He was a male but dressed and acted a little feminine but yet said he wasn't gay but had given a teacher a blowjob once and only that once. But yet his eyes were captivating that had you wondering if the emotions he portrayed were amazing acting skills or the emotions were real and intense. Man...he was freaking awesome. I want to see more from this dude. I have never heard of him before but, you know me, will set myself on a drama/movie search.

Then the most amazing part out of the whole movie....he wasn't even credited on and so I didn't even know he was in the movie until I saw his face and had to do a complete search on this movie to make sure it wasn't an sugoi illusion. My main man, Tetsuji-san, was in this movie. It was a bit part but damn if he wasn't the finest thing next to a Snickers bar. I could eat them both up. *yummmmmmm-oooooooh!* I just loved this surprise. It made this story even better to see that kawaii face! *shivers run down my spine*

Tamayama Tetsuji
Tamayama TetsujiTamayama TetsujiTamayama Tetsuji

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