Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sharp Guns ( 險角 / Him gok -2001)

Sharp Guns
Alex Fong - Tricky On
Ken Chang - Wood
Anya - Rain
Tin-chiu Wan - Lon
Danny Summer - Kangaroo
Lap Sam Lam - Ban
Ken Wong - Coke
Dat Wai Lok - Seargeant
Wai-sheung Lee - Ban's Henchman
Serena Po - Seargant's daughter
Moses Chan

On has been living in Amsterdam for many years. He is famous for being exceptionally street-smart. Years ago, On joined force with Macau crime boss Ban in a big business deal. They both appreciated the other's charisma and unique character. After a series of life-and-death incidents, their friendship was firmly established. On is suddenly invited by Ban to Macau to help solve a pressing matter. Upon arrival, On is told that Ban's daughter Hei has been kidnapped by an unknown group of culprits. Ban's assistant Leo, who was there when the kidnapping took place, says that Hei was snatched away by several men riding on motorcycles. To repay the debt of Ban, who once saved his life in Europe, On agrees to offer a helping hand without any hesitation. However, there is a big challenge that On can ever expect.

This was a pretty darn good movie. I will say it seemed to move way toooooo fast, so some things didn't make sense or were rushed. But then again that could be blamed on the sub-team because it seemed they said alot but the subtitles were short. It still made sense but then.....I don't know.

It had some pretty good action and funny moments. The sexual tension between Rain and Wood was hilarious. I thought I was looking to much into it...but then at the very end while credits were'll see what I mean. LOL! That right there made the whole movie for me. LOL!

Ken Chang
Ken Chang

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