Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shopping Hero (ツーハンマン / Two Hand Man -2002)

Shopping Hero
Nakamura Shunsuke as Yamada Makoto
Kawahara Ayako as Yuka
Tamaki Hiroshi
Maya Miki
Kohashi Kenji
Taguchi Hiromasa
Kusakari Masao
Suzuki Sawa

A story of a shy and quite office worker who by chance became a “masked demonstrator” in a TV shopping program. What happens when his longing lady fell in love with not the real him but the disguised self?

Yamada Makoto (Nakamura) works for TV shopping company as a troubleshooter. Although being a quite, shy, and extremely ordinary guy, he one day by chance performs as a “masked demonstrator” in a popular TV shopping program by wearing a superman-like costume. His enthusiastic speech and persuasive demonstration touches the heart of the audience, and not only he becomes a TV hero, he cheers up the people in need of help! A unique comedy love story is here! -- TV Asahi

This drama started out stupid but I didn't give up because the synopsis sounded cool. It actually got better. I didn't want to stop watching. I loved the fact that our "Shopping Hero" solved personal problems while selling a product at the same time. A few times I actually teared up.

I will say I wasn't too thrilled that they tried to make a romance between "Jimmy" and Yuka. First she was too ditzy and she had a fling with the president of the company who by the way is already married. Complicated? Yeah. I was actually routing for the girl that worked in the complaints department with "Jimmy".

Well, as the series progressed, the stories got boring. The last episode I fast forwarded to the end.....and the ending sucked. This drama became a dissappointment quick.

I really liked the character of "Jimmy" aka...Shopping Hero. He was sweet and kind but how could someone like him choose a woman who slept with a married man and she wasn't all that pretty anyway. Ehhh. So yeah, this drama sucked in my own personal opinion.

I hate saying that only because it had my first love Tamaki Hiroshi in it. I will say his character was sweet also. He loved an older women who has a small child. What endeared me the most was the fact that he loved the little boy as his own. *sigh*

Tamaki Hiroshi

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