Monday, July 14, 2008

Fate (Sookmyeong/숙명-2008)

AKA: Destiny

Seung-heon Song - Woo-min Kim
Sang-woo Kwone - Cheol-jeung Jo
Supporting Cast
In-kwon Kim - Do-wan Jeong
Nae-sang Ahn - Kang-seop Cha
Han-byeol Park - Eun-yeong
Min-ju Kim - Min-ju Kang
Jeong-woo - Jeong-hak Choi
Won-seok Yun - Man-gil Yun
Hye-suk Park - Woo-min's mother
Seong Ji
Soo-hyun Hong

"Don't be mislead. I never intended to pursue happiness." ~Woo-min

Four friends plot to steal money meant for the rival gang leader with hope of starting new lives. They follow through and succeed in taking the money but eventually get caught by the gang when one of the friends betrays. An arrangement is made so that the leader of the four goes to prison for the rest. However, when he gets out, he finds that the lives of the friends have turned for the worst. He wants to forget about the past and move on but finds himself left with no choice but to revenge.

OMG! I have been waiting for this movie since conception! My two most favorite men in history are in this movie.......

I loved it! I won't lie it wasn't their best but it was worthy. There isn't nothing wrong with this movie. Great action, acting, fighting. God, it had it all. I live and breathe these two men. When apart they stand out in their own right, but when put together on the screen......the film explodes into oblivion because these two are power packed actors who never leave me in doubt.

Must see! Fate is awesome. My only regret is that my Kwon Sang Woo was actually the bad guy in this. Usually these guys are put together and fight together not against each other. It was strange. Hey! And what was the deal with how Cheol-jeung was killed? That was a crappy way to put him out. That was Woo-min's job...gosh darn it!

The two finest Korean men I've ever seen!
Song Seung Hun/Kwon Sang Woo
Song Seung Hun/Kwon Sang WooSong Seung Hun/Kwon Sang WooSong Seung Hun/Kwon Sang Woo

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