Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kung Fu Pop (精舞门-2008)

Kung Fu Pop
Jordan Chan,
Fan Bingbing
Poppin' Hyun-joon
Pan Xiaoting
Yang Yang
Gao Min
Xing Aowei

A warm and touching story of 3 adults who bravely pursue their dreams and overcome all challenges ahead of them in the dancing world. It all starts off with a dance competition which the 3 main characters are taking part in. From there the story continues to show their creativity and passion for music and dance along with what happens in the dance competition. The 3 of them have their highs and lows, share their sweat, tears and laughter, together they solved all difficulties and challenges in winning the glory of the title “Dancing King”.

This wasn't the BEST movie but it wasn't bad either. The script sucked. The story was absolutely horrid. But what made up this movie was the awesomely freakin' cool dancing! Nam Hyun Joon (who I'd never even heard of before but just found out have seen before in Fly, Daddy, Fly) was brilliant. This guy is sugoi talented. He deserves the accolades he gets with his moves and dancing. There is no way in hell this white girl could dance like that. Jealous? Hell, yeah!

Don't watch this movie for some kind of drama, romance, or action. Well, action in the form of dance moves yes. Other than that....this movie has nothing! Don't expect Oscar worhy material in this.....just rivot your eyes on the hunky Korean guy!

Nam (Poppin') Hyun Joon
Nam Hyun JoonNam Hyun JoonNam Hyun Joon

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