Monday, July 28, 2008

Speedmaster (Supidomasuta-2007)

Lisa Ai
Ken Ayugai
Mayu Gamou
Kie Kitano
Shunsuke Nakamura
Yuichiro Nakayama
Kohei Otomo
Keiichi Suzuki
Shigekazu Wakisaka

Hayato (Shunsuke Nakamura) has become a vagabond since the tragic accident that killed his best friend when driving at high speed. Hayato used to be a Hashiriya with driving technique that can`t be imitated by anyone. But when accidentally rescuing the daughter, Mahiro (Kie Kitano), of small tune-up and maintenance shop, from being beaten by the gangster, he gets hired by the factory which was on verge of bankruptcy ever since the owner and father of Mahiro got aftereffects from an illness. The leader of the gangster, Yuya (Asahi Uchida) who tried to beat Mahiro is the son of the other tune-up and maintenance shop, and had always wanted Mahiro’s shop to expand their business. With persistent harassment from Yuya, Hayato decides to make a deal with a lunatic car and speed maniac, Yuya that he cannot do any harm to Mahiro if Yuya loses the car racing…

Just watched this this morning. I would consider this a B-movie. The acting was alright but the action and music was a wee bit cheesy. Nakamura Shunsuke was all out hot, Hot, HOT! I could never have imagined him looking like that when we last saw him in Absolute Boyfriend as Sosuke's brother.

The story was a tad to shoddy. There wasn't enough information about the characters, so you felt you really didn't know them. So that was hard to get emotional for the racing scenes. This races were more about speed rather than drifting. You'd think since this is a Japanese movie there would have been more drifting involved but that wasn't so.

I won't say the movie was bad but it wasn't an all time great that if you really need to watch something this could easily be surpassed.

Nakamura Shunsuke

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