Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vampire Cop Ricky (흡혈형사 나도열 / Heubhyeol hyeongsa na do-yeol -2006)

Vampire Cop Ricky
Ho-jin Jeon ... Inspector Kang
Yeo-Jeong Jo ... Yeong-hee
Hie-jeong Kim
In-mun Kim
Su-ro Kim ... Ricky
Kwang-rok Oh ... Vampire Hunter
Byung-ho Son ... Tak Mun-su
Yeong-su Park

In Transylvania 2006, a sharp needle of a mosquito is driven into the neck of Dracula. That same year the vampire-blooded mosquito is brought to Seoul on a DHL. Very worked up detective NAH Do-yul became the victim of the needle penetration, turning him into a human at daytime and a vampire at night. What will become of this hapless detective?

This was a wonderful movie! I loved the whole story and synopsis. Even add the element that he was a bad cop in the beginning was a great twist.

This was laugh out loud funny. The idea that if he got a "hard-on" was what led him to his vampire awareness was a totally good thought. So, of course, everytime he needed to switch over to the "dark" side he just needed his trusty PSP (loaded with porn) or Playboy mag to get him going. Even a girl with short skirts, big boobs, and long legs, oh what a hoot!

My only gripe to this story was the end. I'm concluding they left this off for a sequel. I hope so. The end left me befuzzled because there wasn't any conclusion with his girlfriend. And the fact, we all hoped for him to go back to "normal".

This was my second vampire movie today.....thankfully this one was waaaay better and left me feeling lots better about the movie industry. I was starting to think I'd seen all the good ones and were now left with duds........

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