Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Good Lawyers Wife (바람난 가족 /Baramnan gajok -2003)

A Good Lawyers Wife
So-ri Moon - Eun, Ho-jeong
Jeong-min Hwang - Ju Young-jak
Supporting Cast
In-mun Kim - Ju, Chang-geun
Yeo-Jong Yun - Hong, Byeong-han
Tae-gyu Bong - Shin, Ji-woon
Jeong-rim Baek - Kim, Yeon
Yeo-jin Kim
Cheon-hee Lee
Ji-ru Sung
Eung-su Kim
Kil-soo Park
Byeong-chun Kim

A family one day discovers that they’ve fallen into a web of indiscretion. A sixty-year-old grandmother finally discovers meaning in her life through an affair with her elementary school sweetheart. But instead of condemnation, the daughter-in-law silently applauds her mother-in-law’s confessions of “folly.” The husband presents himself as a model citizen-attorney, but in fact he’s a born playboy who untiringly focuses his energy on wooing women despite his love and devotion to his family. The wife meanwhile observes her spouse’s hypocrisy with disdain rather than anguish. Eventually, she too decides to bring little change to her life by giving the next door neighbor’s teenage son who had been spying on her, a lesson or two on sex. So what’s the big deal about having a little fun and romance when it could perhaps brighten things up a bit?

Alright this movie was so against ever moral in my was awful. Both of the parents screwing around on the other, one with a high school kid, the other with some easy chick. They both have a son. Let's just say karma intervened and they both probably deserved the punishment they got even though it was mainly caused by the husband. Either way, the sex was good but other than that.....pitifully sick in the head. I'm apalled Korea let a movie of this caliber loose into theaters. Eeergh. Let's just say I watched it in hopes for some moral values to be unleashed at the end......but just ended. Dang, what a waste of 2 hours!

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