Thursday, July 17, 2008

Shim's Family (좋지 아니한가 /Johji-anihanga -2007)

AKA: Skeletons in the Closet
Shim's Family
Ho-jin Jeon
Hie-kyung Moon
Hye-su Kim
Ah-in Yu
Bo-ra Hwang
Yu-mi Jeong
Ki-woo Lee
Hyeok-pil Lim
Hae-il Park

The Shims would be in the top five for being indifferent and apathetic for each other and in the top three for lack of love in a family. The five members of the family have absolutely no common ground. The family consists of the cheap, stubborn mom (MOON Hee-kyung) and the father (CHUN Ho-jin) who is down because of her, their son Yong-tae (YOO Ah-in) who thinks he was a king in his past life and their daughter Yong-sun (HWANG Bo-ra) to whom existence itself is a mystery, and the out of work comic book writer aunt (KIM Hye-soo). Because they share the same blood, they all live awkwardly together in one house. And they wonder time and time again…why they have to live together when they don’t even love each other…

One day, the Shims come face to face with calamity. Mom falls for a guy at the karaoke shop (LEE Ki-woo), Yong-sun meets a teacher (PARK Hae-il) who is more of a mystery than she is, and Yong-tae falls in love with the worst girl (JUNG Yoo-mi) in the universe. But most shocking is Mr. Shim, who is second to none at being cautious and straitlaced, and his most obscene incident! To make matters worst, Yong-gu their playboy dog gets a pure pedigree pup pregnant and the Shims fall in a calamity that could almost make one die from embarrassment….

This was a very good, down-to-earth slice of life (sort of) movie. Ingenioius!

I related to the entire family. Especially the parents. I've been married for a long time and understand how sometimes family life just sort of takes over and married life sits back on the shelf and collects dust. It just happens. The kids rule your everyday life. It's not like you love your spouse less, but sometimes sex justs cools down. I totally understood where that couple was coming from.

Then there was the kids. LOL! I related to them also. LOL! My life was just like theirs growing up.

Being not to overly funny, to downright serious, to not to overly funny again, you would like this movie. I'm sure there is at least one character you can relate too. With just enough class and humor, it's enjoyably fun to watch. And, maybe if you thought your family was insane, this movie might make you think about it again. LOL!

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