Monday, July 28, 2008

Marriage is a Crazy Thing (Gyeolhoneun michinjishida / 결혼은, 미친 짓이다 -2002)

Marriage is a Crazy Thing
Woo-seong Kam ... Jun-young
Jeong-hwa Eom ... Yeon-hee
Won-sang Park
So-Jeong Kang
Steven Lawson ... Billy the Boxer
Jeong-eun Lim
Hyeon-kyeong Ryu
Seo-jeong Yun
Ye-Ri Yun

Joon-young, who gets a blind date for being the best man at a friend's wedding. He's a charming and smart college lecturer who believes in free sex. Yon-hee, a daring and sexy lighting designer. Through a long relay of superficial questions, they get drunk. They figured, it'd be cheaper to get a motel room than to get a cab. They go all the way.

They both expected different things from each other. Yon-hee, who wanted to marry a well-to-do doctor with Joon-young on the side for sex. Will she be successful?

Again, another movie that was really interesting at the beginning. I was totally intrigued at the beginning. It started going sour when Yeon-hee got married....and it wasn't to Jun-young. I am abhorrent to extra marital affairs and when this story started going in that direction, I felt the pit of my stomach clench. They totally messed up this story. I really, truly believed this story was about modern-day courtship and trying to find the right place, time, and event to discover when we reach the pivotal moment of discovering we love the other person.

The end was so damn confusing. Actually it was the stupidest thing. Was I supposed to be sad? I think they tried to make us viewers want to hang ourselves. So another wasted movie. Eeeergh!!

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