Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hae-jeok Disco King (Hae-jeok, Discowang Doeda/해적, 디스코왕 되다 -2002)

Tae-jeok, Disco King Starring:
Jeong-jin Lee - Hae-jeok
Dong-kun Yang - Seok-gi
Chang Jung Lim- Bong-pal
Chae-young Han - Bong-ja
Seok-Hwan An
Eun-pyo Jeong
In-mun Kim - Bong-pal's father
Jeong-tae Kim
Yeong-ae Kim
Dae-kun Lee
Hye-yeong Lee (12/22/1973)
Dal-su Oh

During the early 80’s in a small village in South Korea, Haejok, Pong-pal and Song-gi are three good friends trying to complete their studies, but not without regular trouble. On a casual day, Haejok runs into a mysterious young girl, which he immediately falls in love with. But his attempt at trying to talk to the girl fails miserably. Trying to deal with the case of that mysterious home town girl, Haejok and Song-gig notice that Pong-pal didn’t show up in school for the last few days. They will learn later that Pong-pal`s father had a terrible accident and he and his sister now have to work to pay the regular bills and also for the hospital fees.
But the worst is that the mysterious girl is in fact the sister of Pong-pal, she now has to work has a hostess in a popular disco bar owned by a powerful gangster and there is no way she can get away from that job. The only proposition that the boss is willing to accept is if Haejok can win the upcoming Disco contest, he will free Pong-pal`s sister from her work. Unfortunately for Haejok, he’s a really bad dancer and the contest is in a week away!

Hmm? How to describe it? Well, it started out rough. It wasn't really funny at first. It was quite boring. It took forever to get to the "real" story.

Ho hum. The only really, really good part out the whole thing was when we finally got to see Tae-jeok dance. Oh and what a body! *sizzlin'* I mean the dance wasn't even all was pretty good but with that body of his...if the dance had been more elaborate....*sweatin'* just thinkin' 'bout it. Oy!!

Lee Jeong Jin
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