Sunday, July 13, 2008

Playboy Cops (Hua Hua Xing Jing / 花花型警-2008)

Playboy Cops
Shawn Yue
Kun Chen
Supporting Cast
Shaun Tam
Kayan Chung
Danny Lee
Michelle Mee
Xin Xin Xiong
Vincent Kok
You-Nam Wong

Two very different crime-busters are linked together by a murder case.

Mainland's former policeman Lincoln, whose brother was robbed and killed, comes to Hong Kong in search for the murderer. Michael, a rich kid as well as a local cop, always disobeys his supervisor's orders. At one time, he even uses his private helicopter to chase after a suspect. This caused him to be suspended from duty.

At first, Michael doesn't care about Lincoln, who is a bumpkin in his eyes, but when he knows Lincoln is his ex-girlfriend Lisa's admirer, his bursts into anger and asks him to leave Lisa alone. In order to shrug him off, Michael promises to offer his help in searching for the murderer.

As the son of a Hong Kong millionaire, Michael spends a lot of money to build up the strongest informant network. This allows easy access to the latest news and secrets from the underworld. Lincoln, having inherited his brother's club house business, also does not need to worry about money. Being a meticulous guy, Lincoln enjoys chatting with different people, and is good at finding out clues from the conversations. The two guys with very different investigating methods work together and eventually track down a key person named "Lo Keung"!

Lo Keung claims that he is the witness of the case, and the murderer is a man with scorpion tattoo on his back. Michael and Lincoln find the suspect out, thinking that the case is almost solved. But soon they realize that the tattoo man is merely a diversion. Trouble has yet to come...

Overcoming various challenges together, the two guys gradually become good friends. From a video which they get from Rat's girlfriend, they find out that Lincoln's brother was not killed in a robbery. He was killed in somewhere else before being dumped in the "robbery" site. The prime suspect turns out to be David, the seemingly loyal and reliable manager of the club house.

Meanwhile, the club house is holding a boat party. David has invited many millionaire members. Michael and Lincoln believe it is a very good chance to arrest David, but unexpectedly, on the ship there comes a group of gangsters. They kidnap all the millionaires and even killed David!

Michael realizes his father is at the verge of getting bankrupt. Without the money, his father is going to be killed! Now, Michael gets back to the police force. Losing his racing cars and other assets, he has to overcome the difficulties merely with his will, wit and courage.

As more truth is revealed, they find out David is still alive. The one being killed on the boat was just a decoy. The whole plot is an unbelievable a revengeful act against the upper society.

Michael and Lincoln decide to take the initiative to strike back, but meanwhile Lisa is caught and mistreated.

The partners from two extremes finally work in concert to fight against their enemy. It is time for the "playboy cops" to grow up to become real brave men!

Man, oh man! This was a really good movie. Not the typical Hong Kong kung-fu fighting action. Oh there is fighting but not that overdone Jackie Chan stuff. This seemed a little more realistic.

It was fun to watch Michael try to win Lisa over Lincoln. But as the movie goes on, Lincoln is really a pretty nice guy. So is Michael. They eventually become really close friends in the end.

Oh and I will say this. The ending was so surprisingly unexpected. It doesn't end the way you thought it would. So girl's...bring out the tissue. It's a weeper. I'm tellin' ya now. You have been forewarned!!

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