Monday, July 21, 2008

The Moss (Qing Tai / 青苔 -2008)

The Moss
Shawn Yue - Jan
Seli Xian - Lulu
Siu-Wong Fan - Lo (beggar)
Matt Chow - Fai
Jay Lau - Nurse
Kai Chi Liu - Four-eyed Tong
Suet-yee Si - Fa
Yam Yam Siu - Sister Yum (Chong Mom)
Shaun Tam
Eric Tsang

Jan is one of the many dirty cops living in the area. He's really more like a gangster than a cop. Self-serving and living aimlessly in this hellhole of an area, he constantly have dealings with the mobs and offers protection to the prostitutes in exchange for sexual favours. Of all the girls, he fancies Lulu most. He finds her non-inquisitive and quiet nature comforting, almost like a place where he can seek solace. Jan's peaceful routine is disrupted when the son of God mom Chong goes missing in a rival gang's territory headed by the four-eyed Tong. Along with his disappearance is a valuable green gemstone that was meant as a birthday gift from her son. Jan is tasked by Chong to confront Tong. At this moment, a mysterious beggar makes an attempt to kill Tong. (Source: Sensasian)

This was a pretty good unlike a previous movie that just pissed me off to no end! And this was a Chinese movie, unlike yesterdays fiascos, was decent and kept me awake enough to watch it.

Shawn Yue, the master of dirty cops, is yet one again. Not really dirty, per se, but not clean either. Always well-suited for his character, love his fighting (not so choreographed looking or with special effects) because it always looks real, and his ability to stay focused in his character. He's definitely one of my HK favorites.

This movie might not be for some because it is slower than most action movies. I wouldn't even really call this action but I have to because there are some definite fighting scenes with blood thrown in the mix. I won't give this as one of his best movies because it isn't but it's deserving of praise because it was quite enjoyable to watch him fret over his possible unborn child. That actually made my heart jump a few beats faster............

Shawn Yue

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