Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Returner (Ritana / リターナー -2002)

Takeshi Kaneshiro - Miyamoto
Anne Suzuki - Milly
Kirin Kiki - Xie
Goro Kishitani - Mizoguchi
Yukiko Okamoto - Dr. Yagi
Mitsuru Murata - Mizoguchi's Henchman
Kisuke Iida - Karasawa, Mizoguchi's Henchman
Kazuya Shimizu - Murakami, Mizoguchi's Henchman
Chiharu Kawai - Liu's Interpreter
Dean Harrington - Dr. Brown
Xiaoqun Zhao - Slave Merchant
Masaya Takahashi - Liu Laoban, Chinese Godfather

RETURNER stars Ann Suzuki as Milly (or Miri in some import versions), a young woman who has traveled back in time from the year 2084 to the year 2002. Her mission is to stop an alien invasion before it can begin. This invasion will eventually lead to all-out war between the aliens and the humans if Milly isn't successful. She meets a hitman named Miyamoto (Takeshi Kaneshiro), and convinces him to help her. Unfortunately, Milly's arrival in the past was slightly off and the aliens have already landed, and the evidence has been confiscated by the government. To make matters worse, a gangster named Mizoguchi (Goro Kishitani) is determined to claim the alien artifacts for himself and harness their awesome power. It's now a race against time for Milly and Miyamoto to obtain the aliens and save the future.

OMG! This was an awesome, totally awesome movie! It was amazing from the very beginning to the very end. OMG! This is now on my "must download at all cost" list. Action all the way through. There weren't any story gaps. No confusion. Just enough funny mixed in with touching to downright cool sci-fi.
This movie will remind a lot of you of Independence Day mixed in with E.T sprinkled with The Magic Time Machine. LOL! Okay...The Magic Time Machine was a bit much but there is no denying this movie has familiar elements of the other two movies. The little alien was soooooo cuuuuuute. Actually he was better looking than THE E.T. LOL!
There is a part in the movie where Milly actually comes back again. I won't say why or what she was doing. Just wonder if anyone will catch it in the movie later. It'll make sense in the end. Trust me!
This was definitely an A-list movie for everyone. Not a lot of blood...most of it left to the imagination. Just enough to make it seem real. And Kaneshiro Takeshi is hotter than ever in the movie. Damn is he HOT! *Somebody I think I need a cigarette. And maybe a pail of water, I think my panties are on fire......whew!*
Kaneshiro Takeshi

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