Thursday, July 24, 2008

Lover (Aein / 애인 -2005)

Hyeon-a Seong
Dong-hyeok Jo
Supporting Cast
Ye-ryeong Kim
Dae-han Ji

Having first met today, the man and woman dash towards a one-day-long intimacy... Maybe it was just an accident to accept a proposal from a total stranger to go out for just one day for this "woman" who's been dating one man for 7 years and who will get married next month. However, feeling relief and excitement from the intimate ways this "man" touches and looks at her, she feels confused and stirred for the first time in her life.

This movie, yet again the Korean's piss me off, was pretty good but slow. Why am I pissed? Because they either kill off the hero/heroine, someone dies of some disease, or there is unrequited love. This time the hero/heroine left the other even though it was obvioius they seriously loved each other.

I'm all against betrayal of the fidelity kind but the movie/writers made it obvious that the heroine didn't love her husband-to-be. Their relationship has obviously soured. As we get to know the heroine and her knew beau, you can't help but hope for them to get together and who cares about the heroine's fiance. He's a jerk anyway. Eeeergh!

In a nutshell, this movie was really good for you hopeless romantics but remember this a Korean movie.....aka: don't expect the ending you are hoping for.

Dong Hyeok Jo

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